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Handy Co-founders Weigh In On How The Treatment Of Your Employees Will Determine The Fate Of Your Company.

Osin Hanrahan and Umag Dua are the co-founders of Handy, a really useful on-demand cleaning and handyman services that operates worldwide across hundreds of cities in the United States, The UK and Canada. They are a classic example of a unique start up that boomed way up to be among the big players like Uber and Airbnb. And if you think about it. Handy is the Uber of handyman services. You place an order, and within 24 hours someone can be at your house doing cleaning or helping you set up things like furniture or TV mounting. There’s more than those three services but we won’t list them here, so go heck out their site if this is the kind of stuff that you need. Osin and Umag weren’t always this successful. They attribute a large part of their success to the great culture of the Handy team. It is said that if you nurture your employees, they will provide excellent service to your clients. Is it true?


You Care About Your Business, We Acknowledge That


Only Entrepreneurs will really have a true and intrinsic understanding of this. Your business is your baby. Whether you’re starting our or you’re running a big corporation…it’s all the same. You want to know that every aspect of the business is doing well. Our advice? Let go of the small stuff and focus on the vision. As the CEO you need to be the innovator. Your energy has to go towards building the future of the company, not what’s in the present. When you micromanage in the present, it hurts your employees perception of self-worth and, in turn, commitment to their work. Drilling employees yields bad results and causes you to overlook their achievements as well. You don’t just have to take a step back, you have to celebrate their wins.


Be Compassionate


One of our employees, May, just sent us this:


“ Handy went out of their way to accommodate me while my Husband was in the Hospital. They never asked me how much paid time off I had or how many hours I put in. I do my best at every job I work at but because of that I started giving 110% at Handy. When he died they game me seven extra days. That was five years ago and guess what, I still work there. I will be here until I retire”


Employees are your company’s greatest asset. Treat them well and they will “pay dividends” so to speak.

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