Best Rebuildable Atomizers 2017

An RDA or Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer is the preferred choice of a lot of vapers because of its excellent performance. It is also known as a dripper atomizer or a  simply dripper, this is a type of atomizer wherein you need to constantly add e-liquid to the wick when it runs out. Unlike conventional atomizers, these do not have a tank to hold the e-liquid. However, these days the rebuildable dripping atomizers come with a juice well which holds some of the liquid; hence the vaper does not need to stop vaping for the purpose of dripping e-liquid every now and then. A modern RDA often comes with two negative posts and a positive post.

Unlike RTA or rebuildable tank atomizer, Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers follow the dripper system and not the tank system. Whether you choose RTA or RDA is definitely a matter of personal preference, but a lot of people like to go for the latter because it provides a better vaping experience. If you’re thinking of getting a dripper system atomizer yourself then the following options are worth considering:

Steam Angel Technology’s Dark Horse – This is a triple-posted rebuildable dripping atomizer with loads of airflow options. Made from stainless steel, the design of this one is quite unique as it has multiple airflow holes on its top cap. These holes are covered by a ring which controls the airflow. One can take a pick from sixteen different airflow setups depending upon one’s preferences. Another impressive feature of Dark Horse is that its contact pin and center post are gold-plated, thereby facilitating maximum conductivity. Also, the posts on this one are square in shape, therefore there is minimal spinning when you’re tightening up the screws to make the connection.

Kennedy Enterprises’ The Kennedy Atomizer – Yet another popular rebuildable dripping atomizer, the USP of this model is its massive juice well. Also, its conical top cap facilitates good flavor. The atomizer has excellent conductivity thanks to its 510 connection and copper center post, which has nice and wide holes for using dual coils (if preferred). Vapers prefer The Kennedy because of its supreme airflow system. The dual airflow holes at the bottom of the device is fed by trenches and comes up below the coils, thus guaranteeing superb airflow. Also, the straightforward no-nonsense design makes it very stylish.

The Goon – This is a rebuildable dripping atomizer that is recommended to experienced vapers who are adept in building. This atomizer provides the user with a lot of creative freedom as far as the builds are concerned. It comes in four different designs: copper, brass, SS and black. In terms of performance, price, versatility and build quality The Goon scores very well. Given its price, the atomizer is quite a steal! The airflow of the atomizer is quite versatile, therefore the users can enjoy a wide range of draws. The 24mm diameter and the two-terminal clamp-style build deck of the atomizer are other noteworthy features. The gold-plating on its plates and terminals improves conductivity significantly. It is also compatible with exotic coils.

SynthetiCloud’s The Aeolus Lite

This is one of the best picks is flavor is your primary lookout when you’re buying atomizers. The atomizer provides an incredibly smooth draw and versatile airflow control. The staggered posts, gold deck and sleek body (which stays cool during use) are some of its best features. The slick atomizer comes with 2 sets of 4 adjustable air inlets (vertical) which improves the vaping experience significantly! The amount of vapor it produces is also quite impressive. Users also like the fact that it has a leak-proof design. All in all, this is an excellent buy for all those who enjoy vaping!

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